Need Help With memory Error. please.

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by DoubleClick, Jun 15, 2002.

  1. DoubleClick

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    Ok I get this error with various different programs and it's seems to me that the cause is my ram. I used to have the system overclocked and had the same error alittle more often now it's not overclocked and I still get the error but not quite as often.

    My ram is cheap 266mhz oem..not even sure of the manufacturer so that's why I suspect it is the problem. What do you think?

    Specs Below
  2. Iceman

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    Looks like it to me!! :(

    do a search for a free memory tester, and check it out. :D
  3. Henyman

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    get some decent ram funnly enough crucial ram is pretty gd + v cheap look 4 the hundreds of links on xp homepage
  4. DoubleClick

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    I run tests on the memory for hours and hours and everyone passed. :(