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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Jimmymac, Jun 11, 2002.

  1. Jimmymac

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    Hey Guys,

    I need some help with a new system. I've never upgraded before so this is mostly greek to me.
    Your help is appreciated. This is the system I am thinking of getting. Please feel free to rip it apart.

    Black Pearl Directron SF-201-B Aluminum Case w/ 6 Case Fans, 2 blow-holes, & front USB/Audio Ports

    Power Supply: Black TT-350SS

    Asus A7V333-PA-RAID KT333 Socket A Motherboard

    CPU (OEM): Athlon XP 1800+

    GlobalWIN TAK68 CPU Cooler

    512MB 333MHZ 184PIN DDR Memory

    Maxtor DiamondMax 40GB 7200RPM Hard Drive, ATA133

    Black ViewSonic E90FB 19" (18.0" viewable) CRT PerfectFlat Color Monitor, .25dp, 1600 x 1200

    Logitech Cordless Freedom Pro Keyboard and Wheel Mouse
    2 Rounded Floppy Cables Yellow
    2 Rounded IDE Cables Yellow
    5 Split Loom Flexible Yellow

    I will be taking my existing hardware out of my existing box which consists of:

    nVidia TNT2M64 3D 32MB AGP-4
    (Please suggest a new vid card) I had an all in wonder before this and I loved watching tv in Windows)

    Maxtor 53073U6 30.7GB 7200 RPM 3.5' HDD. EIDE interface. 3.5 inch disks. 30.7GB capacity ATA-5/UDMA 66

    Quantum Bigfoot TX 8GB 4000 RPM 5.25' HDD DMA/ATA-33 (Ultra)
    (Just gotta get the OLD files, Pics etc. off it. Old comp died years ago, I just have the drive sitting outside a case)
    HP CDwriter 9300
    DVD Rom 10 x Affrey DD-4010E(one of those kind you can't make Region free unless you take off the pins each time you boot)
    need to get one that doesn't have region protection. This is important cause I have DVD's from Europe and America.)

    Zip 100 Drive
    3.5 Floppy. (Prolly just get a new black one to match the case)
    Creative SB Live! (unless the onboard MOB sound is better.. No idea yet)

    What do I need to get to install this in there ?
    This is what I got so far on my list. I've never upgraded before so I am sure I am missing some stuff.
    I don't wanna be caught with out the right wires, cables etc. Basically I want Directron to build the whole thing and then I
    just slap in the extra drives video cards etc. when I get it. Do I need to add that Silver goo for the cpu or will they just
    use some they got laying around ?

    What else do I need ?

    I didn't know what DDR ram was 2 days ago.. !!


  2. [CpK]Bastid

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    sounds like you just ordering a whole new computer:)
  3. Jimmymac

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    Yes basically that's about right.. Care to help me with it ?
  4. Pin

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    hey Jimmy...seems like u are going to build a new system. well, I did the same thing 2 months ago with XP1800+, A7V333 (w/o RAID), TAK68, Maxtor 40GB ATA133 ++.../ you have got a nice line up there….coz I did so too!! Hehee..

    First, you have to place the cpu onto the socketA of the mainboard. Then, attach the cooler on the cpu. You need to observe the direction of this cooler when placing it on the cpu. Just handle with care….As the cooler already comes with the thermal compound, u do not have to add on any other pastes. But if you wish to add some yourself, you will have to scratch off the thermal compound on your cooler. The cooler’s thermal compound is good enough anyway.

    The rest of the work is pretty easy, just follow the basic steps.

    Regarding your RAM….see if they offer CAS Latency 2.0 type, as many say the full capability of DDR333 is observed if you have CL2 ram. Mine is CL2.5 unfortunately…

    Good luck with yur setup.
  5. Jimmymac

    Jimmymac Guest

    Awesome Advice

    Awesome Advice on the memory. I would not have known that.

    How is the Tak 68 cooling the whole box ? and the CPU ?
    What kind of temps are you seeing ?

    That's wild we picked almost the same setup !
  6. Pin

    Pin Guest

    In around 30C room temperature, my cpu temp is low around 52C. And the mobo temp is around 32C.

    TAK68 is for cooling the cpu only, and your Aluminium case comes with extra fans (u mentioned 6), u should not worry about the mainboard temp.

    my setup has two fans; not counting the one fan on psu.

    I have no comments on the power supply unit(psu), but it is sufficient, i am using 300W, some say better at 350W above. U are fine there.

    AS for my 40GB Maxtor hdd, it gets hot after running for a while, but never gives me problem out of lost datas...
    Hmm....there is a bit "clicking" sound coming from my hdd though.

    Do u really need so many cables? The mainboard comes with two IDE cables: ATA100 and ATA66. Each supporting two devices. you should ask for more info from your dealers...unless you want them for viewing pleasures only...

    Thats all for now.
  7. Uncle Bob

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    I read a thing on the crucial site regarding cl2.5 and cl2.0 apparently the differance in performance is only for the initial burst making cl2.0 4 nonoseconds faster but in a constant flow of data there is nothing between them.

  8. Uncle Bob

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    Any hardware that you ise from that Noah Ark you have will just bottle neck your beautiful new system.

    Also get a decent card like a GeForce 3 Ti 500 or GeForce Ti 4200

  9. EarthAngel

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    i just upgraded my system from a P3 to an XP1600 about 2mths ago. when i was deciding to do so i had a major computer freak mate of mine check out all avail mobo's for that chip and see which was the best and he found that asus boards were WAY behind in the game. the mobo i came out with in the end was the Epox 8k3a+ which has RAID. its rated the best board for XP chips atm. so id check it out :)
  10. Jimmymac

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    I'd be interested in hearing more about that board.
    I was getting my info from this site -->

    Motherboard Comparisons

    I definitely want a board with active overload protection.. just in case. I leave my comp in all th time.. and with some overclocking I dont want a blown fan burning my board up. Anyways AMD is requireing it as of June 10th.