need help to remove gta 3

Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by Johncki, Jul 2, 2002.

  1. Johncki

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    Hello all. I downloaded the grand theft auto 3 just for s@#$3 and giggles. well I created a folder C:/unzipped. and unzipped to this folder. well when it unzipped. it unzipped all kinds of files in dos. It does not have a uninstall with it. My q is. How can i get the D#$% thing completely off my pc? I was wondering if i just deleted the unzipped folder with shift delete. would it get rid of the whole program? It is not in the add/remove list. Help.............:confused:
  2. Electronic Punk

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    Well it may have put some stuff in the registry. You never can be sure with illegal downloads...
  3. Cosmin

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    Use any registry clean program . Recommended Regclean ( final version )
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    The best way to fix it is to delete everything you downloaded everywhere, and go drop the $50 on the legit version. I'm not some kind of politically correct person believe me, I've got my share of "freebies", but this game is worth the $50.
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    RE Gta 3

    You are all right.except for it being a virus. thank god. I did download regcleaner and cleaned if off my pc. The reason i downloaded this game in the first place was to find out if my video card would work well with it. I only have a 16mb video card. Did't work to well with it. But At least I got a feel for it. It looks like a game worth buying for sure. Next step.Buy new video card. Any suggestions?