Need Help From XP-erience Users (In Deep S**T)

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by ZAnwar, May 26, 2002.

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    I used the program, Refresh tool from the frontpage. And I set my settings to 120 (was 60 before). I had a 4 year old screen and I don't think that it could handle it. The PC goes through the bios screen, Win XP black screen but the screen goes black when I get to the logon screen. The screen goes onto the orange light, (green light when on). The orange light is the same as when my PC goes to standby. When I type in my password and press enter, the PC is working, because I can hear my windows logon sound, when I get to the desktop, but it does not show up on my screen !

    I have to give in some work, which is on my computer on Tuesday.

    Please can you help !!!

    I will be very grateful !

    PLEASE !!!!!!!
  2. most likely ur monitor cannot handle a refresh rate higher than 60 Hz. You have to boot up in safe mode and change it back to 60 Hz by clicking on the background select properties > Settings > Advanced > Monitor > and select "screen refresh rate" to 60 hz. it sould work after that. if it dont, i dont know what to tell ya
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    I have tried that but to no avail.
    I hope there's another way.
    What about if I delete my current detonators and install them again ?
  4. ZAnwar

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    I uninstalled my detonators and I reinstalled them. And it worked !
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    Try this..

    Insert the winXP cd and choose new install, and then choose repair. Then windows will overwrite some of the important files with the originals .. This is a full install, but it keeps your programs and usersettings, it has worked several times for me .. (not this problem, but others) Can't hurt to try ...