Need help asap!!! boot prob ;-(

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by FURY, Feb 13, 2002.

  1. FURY

    FURY Guest

    Got windows xp pro.

    Some how my ntldr got deleted :mad:

    fixboot isnt fixing it, i cant get into windoz at all to make a ASR disk.

    Formatting is the last thing i wana do.

    Plz help
  2. FURY

    FURY Guest

    just tried fixmbr, that didnt do anything.

    Does anyone no where to get a ASR disk?
  3. pc_tek

    pc_tek Guest

    attached is ntldr file. i had to .zip the file so this server would let me load... unzip and drop it in c: and see what happens.
  4. Lactic.Acid

    Lactic.Acid Guest

    Pop in your WinXP install CD and boot off it, choose to perform a repair installation, let it run it's course, and reboot. That should bring you right up.

    Just saving pc_tek's ntldr won't work, either, unfortunately. ntldr is the NT LoaDeR and must be located on a certain spot on the disk. Running a repair install should fix it though.
  5. FURY

    FURY Guest

    alright im in.

    just did a
    copy D:\I386\ntldr C:\


    thank you very much for the replies

    I got also have another very weird prob with my puter.

    All the fonts in ie seem to the same. Looks like Courier New.

    I went threw all the prefs, text size is on med, its driving me nuts cuz the stuff i make looks like crap in the same font. :(

    Nice forum, i came from NX