Need Doom Iii Help Bad!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by gtwat66, Apr 22, 2003.

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    I've just downloaded DoomIII, and now I can't play the thing! I start off good enough, but for some reason I'm not able to set any options. I thought "I'll worry about that later.", so I went into single player mode, but as it starts loading, that's it. The screen says, 'Loading', but nothing else is happening. At first I thought that I was low on resources, so I rebooted, and tried again. This time I let it load for a bit, but 10(!!) minutes later, still nothing. Please help! Could it be my pc, or the game itself.
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    Ok, the first problem here, is the fact that you've illegally downloaded a game, which of course, comes with no documentation and support.

    The second part of the problem, is that you've blatantly ignored the forum guidelines and posted about it here, therefore breaking the guidelines which you obviously didnt read.

    We do not condone, support or discuss warez here.
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    might want to try a different website rook:rolleyes:
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    As has already been said warez is not dicussed here.
    However I will say this, I downloaded it as well, after playing it I wish i hadnt. Yes it was amazing to see but trust me youll want to wait for the official demo or the game, you will enjoy it more. Downloading and playing it basically ruined the surprise, but im sure the game will be amazing whatever.
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    its an alpha.. its not even a beta...


    hence you are right...

    the full version will be the one to wait for...
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    i remember downloading the alpha release of ut2k3... it almost made me not wanna buy it... thank god the official demo came out when it did... it was the demo that made me wanna buy it in the end.

    and now, i dont play it - my g/f does instead lol