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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by bruce_ers00, Oct 9, 2002.

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    I purcahased a new Microsoft Multimedia Natural keyboard. It has customizable keys for multimedia progs, mainly, Win Media. Does anyone know of a replace program to program these keys to work with Winamp 3. They currently work with Win Media and Winamp 2 but odly will not control Winamp 3. Any suggestions?

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    Maybe try & get the latest driver for the keyboard. Keep looking if you have the latest they might release another shortly.
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    I've got the latest drivers, it's a new product from Microsoft. My question again, to clearify... is there a "generic" type program for multimedia keyboards to customize what controls what? I know there is... now that I think of it, I just can't think of the name. :)
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    In case someone was interested and/or had this same question. After some time searching and conclusions... here are my findings:

    1. I was actually looking for a program that would allow me to control Winamp 3 with my multimedia keyboard. SUCCESS!!!

    2. The above scenario lead me to the Winamp site where I found a plug-in. If you have Winamp 3 and a multimedia keyboard that refuses to control Winamp 3 (v3 only), check out the RM-X General Controller plug-in on the Winamp site.

    It's not too hard to configure you just have to pay attention to the options. HAHA! Hope that made sense?