NAT on ALcatel Speedtouch Home (Pro)

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Lukas, Nov 9, 2003.

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    Hi all,

    I have an ALcatel Speedtouch Home ADSL modem. It runs on a stripped down unix kernel. It is possible however to turn this modem into a Pro version, gaining automatic dial-in, firewalling, dns server, dhcp server and always-on connectivity...

    I 'upgraded' my Home model to Pro version using this tutorial. Everything is fine now, modem is connected to a hub now instead of a server machine with two NIC's and it is a working dhcp and dns server.

    Just one problem: I don't know how to set up NAT to forward traffic from port 80 on the modem/router to my webserver on address

    Network setup is:

    Alcatel Speedtouch on
    Webserver on
    two clients on & .3

    I want inconming traffic on port 80 on the modem to be forwarded to port 85 on (port 80 on is intrAnet website)

    I looked around for manual, and I found this pdf document.

    On page 185 there is info on creating a NAT entry:

    nat create
    protocol = <IP protocol name or number>
    inside_addr = <ip-address>
    [inside_port = <TCP/UDP service name or port number>]
    outside_addr = <ip-address>
    [outside_port = <TCP/UDP service name or port number>]

    so that would give

    nat create

    protocol = TCP
    inside_addr =
    inside_port = 85
    outside_addr = 0 (isp works with dhcp, so 0 creates template, it is replaced by the router's outside address)
    outside_port = 80

    After I do that the nat list command gives me this:

    =>nat list
    Indx Prot Inside-address:port Outside-address:port Foreign-address:port Flgs Expir State Control
    1 6 instance
    2 6 template

    Foreign-address:port should change to my address when I try to connect to my outside address, but it doesn't.
    Everything I get is: the pâge cannot be displayed.

    Can anyone help please?


  2. Lukas

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    ... I think this is the longest time ever I had to wait on NTFS forum to get an answer...

  3. Admiral Michael

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    How did u get into the setups and such? My ISP probably changed the default settings (I believe its the same modem)
  4. Lukas

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    Assign to the NIC that is connected to the modem and open in your webbrowser.

    You also can open a telnet session to

    Check out the tutuorial (my fisrt post in this thread)