NASCAR Unauthorized

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    NASCAR Unauthorized


    I love cars, I like watching car movies like this one, maybe you should watch some too…

    Do you have any idea how far the racing sport has gone? Do you ever wonder how racing cars are made and why they all look exactly the same? I am really not a fan of racing automobiles, its just something I didn’t enjoy. But after watching the documentary, it helped me understand that adrenaline-pumping sport. I’m beginning to like it.

    NASCAR Unauthorized is a documentary with heaps of information about cars, racing, and their histories. It features the real danger of car racing, the joy and hardship of drivers to make it to the finish line, and the worldwide fan based of NASCAR. It also features top racers that include Dale Earnheart Jr., Jeff Gordon, and Tony Stewart. This documentary will help you understand what makes a racer standout and beat others to the finish line. In addition, the documentary wouldn’t be complete without the exciting footages of actual racing events.