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Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by bheagle, Jul 16, 2002.

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    This may be a hardware problem, but it only happens in Nascar 2002 season. My steering wheel seems to have a tick in it as I'm driving it suddenly will jerk to the right, sometimes its worse than a tick. I just ordered a new steering wheel and should have it in a few days, but I was wondering if any other Nascar 2002 users also have this problem.
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    I have Nascar 2002 and have not noticed that problem. I am using the Microsoft FF wheel with it and everything works great. :) :)
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    I'm an avid sim-racer and can assist. Pots are very key in your wheel and you can test their condition easily. It's important to have a smooth transition across all the pot values.

    Calibrate your wheel in N2002. As you turn the wheel and watch the arrows go back and forth, pay special attention to any jumping or skipping, specially in the center area. Go slow and look for the bad spots. If you see jumps, then your wheel's pot is getting old and needs replaced (don't necessarily have to replace the whole wheel unit)

    Another check is to switch drivers in N2002. There is generic and digital which will have a significant performance difference.

    Here is some good info for you...

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    thanks for the info ...I really needed this stuff...:D