my user profile has dissappeared!

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by klipschter, Jan 29, 2002.

  1. klipschter

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    i was JUST Logged in as Justin, the admin of my computer of WinXP Pro. I did the switch user, went in as a guest, then just logged off of guest, did nothing while as a guest, and when i tried to logon as Justin, it said my account had been locked! i shut it down, and now the profil Justin is gone completely. it said administrator, it is just like it was when i first installed XP a few days ago. I have now lost all of my files i had while setup as Justin, my email no longer works in OutlookXP, everything ahs gone haywire!!!!!

    i think i am just going to reformat, i will lose 32gb's of movies, mp3's and pics... how will i get all my drivers or will this be a problem? this just ticks me off!


    can anyone help? i tried setting up Justin again... i set it up but it did not fix anything. dang. this sux!
  2. max

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    SUX to be you

    Go into c : Documents and settings and you should see a folder called justin


    Make a new user ... then copy all the stuff from the Justin Folder into the new users folder

    REBOOT - dont try just logging out

  3. klipschter

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    thanks, that worked. now i just gotta delete the other account. thanks again! :)
  4. dArK_CyAnIdE

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    happend to me also WTF do xp do that???? i was so sick of it.. it did that like 5 times... a clean format changed all that LOL (and i still have my stuff LOL)

    at least the format cleaned away that annoyance lol