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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by ac6210sr, Jan 11, 2002.

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    We all have opinions about which is better (intel or amd). But for me it's not how high your scores are on 3DMark 2001 but the thing that really counts is satisfaction from your system's performance be it gaming or whatever. I heard/read on this forum about Windows XP's problems or Intel's problem but is it really what you think it is? I don't really experience any errors on my WindowsXP machine not a single one. Below are my specs:

    Intel P4 1.4 Ghz
    Intel D850GB Motherboard
    128Mb PC800 RDRAM (Samsung)
    40Gb Seagate HD
    Elsa Gladiac 511 32Mb with TVout videocard
    Creative Vibra 128 soundcard
    Sony CDRW
    52x Creative Infra CDrom
    Jetway TVcard with FM
    300Watts power supply

    Counterstrike 1.3
    Return to Castle Wolfenstein
    Myst III
    Formula 1 World Grand Prix
    Nero Burning ROM
    Commandos 2
    OfficeXP with Frontpage
    XingMPEG player
    Adobe Photoshop 6.o & Photoshop Elements
    Adobe Illustrator 8 & 9

    Belive it or not but with these system of mine I never experience any single error mentioned on any of this sites forums. So, should I say I managed to have an almost perfect system or what?

    I use my PC about 5 hours a day from Mon to Thurs and on Friday til early Monday morning my PC running 24 hours a day without a hitch.

    In any forum I've been most of the errors I met involved AMDs, you can't find much about Intel's. For error free PC assemble your own PC and go for Intel mobo's without any built-in cards and and Intel processor for a worry free cooling problem. I can run my PC without any fan processor at all. The rest it's up to you. I hope this helps.


    For a test try to run your PC for a min of 48 hours running Counterstrike or any Game and if it run smooth without any hanging.
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    AMD is stable and can handle more wieght/drag than its aqual Intel CPU rival in Mhz.:D

    Personal prefrence really at the mo, there is no clear gap!

    Talk to Mavis :p
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    Message brought to you Intel :)
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    Well the vast majority of the errors or problems posted on these boards have nothing to do with what processor you have. As a general rule I think you will find that most of the people with Intel processors bought their system from a vendor and have a tendency not to screw around with it as much. The majority of the people with AMD processors tend to build or upgrade their own computers and play around with them alot more.

    Most of the people that bought their Intel system from Dell or Gateway are calling them for tech support rather than going to the message boards, they are paying for that tech support so they might as well use it.
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    I don't think so. I never buy a branded PC it s*cks. I've been building my own PC since 386s time until now and based on my experience compatibility is the real issue. At present if you want satisfaction from an Intel CPUs don't ever use a mobo with VIA chipset.