My pcs nightmare!

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Kucoloco, Dec 3, 2002.

  1. Kucoloco

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    here it goes. my pc (the specs below) was working fine. one night i decided to format my primary drive, and reinstall windows. half throu the setup, the computer restarts like usual, but this time it never came back, the monitor would not turn on.. as in there were no drives plugged in.

    i opened it up, checked some things, replaced ram, cheked the thermal grease, changed the monitor, the video card.. drive cables, cpu, and even the power box, but nothing. since i took out most things and tested only with necesary hardware, it seemed like i should test the m board as well, i took out my biostar board (4 months old). I have brand new things that belong to costumers,so i put a (new from the box ECS board) the one that supports AMD XP 2000+. and no results.

    I went to work. came back and made sure i had a brand new drive cable. used a new hard dive, and a cd rom. i got it to boot up, went throu the windows setup, and it worked until i restarted, then i did the same the "not turning the monitor on or beeping thing".

    if i leave it alone (moove nothing).. and come back later and turn it on it goes into windows, i can run programs etc. but if i turn it off.. it might never come on.. or atleast until it feels like it. i tried diffent jumper settings, with or without cdrom.. different drives.. agian the ram.. and also the cables the go from the power and reset far, nothing. i have trouble shooted alot of pcs, but this is weird, and is happening to me.

    im runnign out of ideas. please let me know. i know you guys have alot of knowledge.

  2. Taurus

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    power supply or video card could be at fault..?
  3. rettahc

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    I'm thinkin power supply.
  4. Kucoloco

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    hey, thanks guys

    when i get home.. im going to replace the powerbox and the video card. (hope! is the box since is cheaper .. hehhe

    thanx.. any more ideas apreciated.
  5. xsivforce

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    Just another idea. A shot in the dark really. Unless you are on a battery backup, it could be "dirty" power from the wall outlet. If nothing else works, try plugging it in to a different outlet that comes off a different circuit breaker.

    Also, make sure the cpu fan is running. If it is not running and you have an AMD processor, it will shut off and not run if it gets too hot. That could explain why it will run after sitting a while.
  6. Kucoloco

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    hmmmm.. i was thinking....

    somehow i after trying everything! i started to notice my case has.. the cpu fan.. 2 fans in the transparent side panel...and 4 fans blowing fresh air from the front of the pc... add in the audigy drive thing, 2 drives.. and 2 cd roms... i though it was dirty power.. so i unplugged it all others and left the necessary..

    but now after your post.. i realize that in the room theres only one outlet... and you dont want me to start naming alllll he things plugged from there. (hehhe) so i'll try fresh power.. THANKS.. now i have 3 things to try when i get home. the fan hmm.. well it runs.. checked wheni checked the thermal grease. and remmber after i get it to turn on. it only "doesent turn on" after i turn it off.

    thanks again for the ideas...
    any more?.. since i have no internet access at home...
  7. Nick M

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    CPU may be crisped and mobo problem. A dying CPU along with a shocked motherboard...did this to me once. I would never turn would run IF it turned on...but normally; wouldn't turn on...
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    Here is an Idea, I had a similer problem when building one of my three systems my NIC card went bad. when the system is first turned on even before it get to the bios the mother board has to run power to all the cards my NIC card died and it was not get past it. I pulled my NIC card and booted every time, put it back in and I would get intermittant lock and it would not power up. put a new NIC card in and have not had any problems since.

    Just my $0.02
  9. Kucoloco

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    still not started..

    hey guys.. thanks for all your ideas... i tried a different power plug.. and nothing... tried a different monitor.. and nothing.. tried a dirrerent video card.. and nothing... right now all cards are out.. there is only the board... hard drive.. cd rom and video card. nothing else to avoid confusion.

    im out of ideas again. and eventually i guess i'll fix it.. and let you know how. so far... nothing. so when i get home tonight, im going to start fresh. build the system over in another case. see what hapens.

    (i finnally got wrid of my expensive dsl.. and cable is up and running. just not my pc. hehhe)