My New Toy!

Discussion in 'Green Room' started by mlakrid, Nov 30, 2006.

  1. mlakrid

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    Hey guys I wanted to share my newest toy!!

    Have a look I got a nice package deal, I know I paid slightly too much for both the battery pack and shipping but I did it so that I would be guaranteed I have it here before we go on our honeymoon and if at all possible wanted to get everything from one place, sadly I wasnt able to get everything so I posted the remaining pieces below the big order....
    The 70-200mm is the "L" or proffessional series lens, since I will eventually be buying one of Cannons True "Professional Camera Bodies" such as the 5D or 1D..

    Comments.. Thoughts?
    After I get to use the camera extensively on my honeymoon I will post a review

    HobbyMonster (an eBay store)
    22521 Avenida Empresa, Suite 128
    Santa Margarita, CA 92688
    United States
    PHONE: Provided if you would like it

    Change at sign J
    Canon EOS Digital Rebel XTi Camera & EF-S 17-85mm Lens $ 1,199.99
    Canon EF 70-200mm f/4L IS USM SLR Lens USA New Version $ 1,119.99
    Canon Battery Grip BG-E3 EOS Digital Rebel XT XTi $ 144.99
    Canon Deluxe Backpack 200 EG 200EG $ 39.99
    Subtotal: $ 2,504.96
    Shipping: $ 56.35
    Total: $2,561.31 Orders:
    1GB Extreme III Compact Flash Card REG (Qty: 2) Subtotal: $57.95
    Velbon MAXi 347GB Subtotal: $89.95
    with 3-way pan/Tilt head (Quick relea Shipping: $23.80
    Total: $228.85

    NB-2LH replacement batteries (Qty: 3) Subtotal: $23.97
    Insurance and Shipping: $ 7.85
    Total: $31.82

    GRAND TOTAL: $2821.98

  2. omg its nlm

    omg its nlm lvl 17 Hax Folding Team

    Sounds nice!

    Make sure to post ALL your Honeymoon pics... :nervous:
  3. Evil Marge

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    We don't really need to know how much you paid for it :lick: Nice toy :D
  4. Johnny

    Johnny .. Commodore .. Political User

    Happy Valley
    Unless I was going to be taking pics professionally; I would never pay that much for a camera ..
  5. mlakrid

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    RIIIGHT... are you trying to get me "bobitized"??
    No thanks, I like him right where he is, and don't want to think about him being removed...

    True, but I know there are other serious photo enthusiasts, and I posted them because those people looking for a good DSLR camera may re-think getting one, now that the prices have begun dropping so fast :D

    I am going to do portraits on the side... my father did it for years on the side while he was in the air force, and as the demand increases, so does the cost associated... so I figure my hobby can pay for itself...

    Plus, I am an avid nature photographer and my non DSLR could not get me close enough to many of my subjects...

  6. omg its nlm

    omg its nlm lvl 17 Hax Folding Team

    If I had the money I would for sure. My Roommate has a nice camera that I would love to use but when I steal it I don't know what the heck is going on lol But for now I will use my good old point and shoot. :)

    I hope you enjoy your new camera.
  7. mlakrid

    mlakrid OSNN BASSMASTER Political User Folding Team

    I will, and I will post some pics when I get back