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Discussion in 'Entertainment & Sports' started by tronmaster, Dec 25, 2001.

  1. tronmaster

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    Merry Christmas!!

    I was wondering how adverse would it be to move the My Music Folder from the C drive to another drive and still have it to work.

    Has anyone tried it?

    I don't want to put my music files on the C drive since its so large...


  2. Lonman

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    You'll need to reset the default path for it or Media Player will keep making a new My Music folder in My Documents. Open Media Player> Go to the "Tools" pull-down menu> Options> "Copy Music" tab> here you can change the default directory in media player. I'm not sure but I think this is the only place you'll need to change it.
  3. T-Bear

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    there is an easier way than in the registry.

    This will move the mydocuments and the my music at the same time.

    click on the start button then right click on the my document icon
    click to move and give the directory / drive you want it moved to.
    It will move the document and the music and picture sub-folders.

    To check it get tweakui and in my computer find the folders area, click on the my music and see that it has moved it. the Programs will still associate to it in the moved area
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    one thing I have found is that you cannot move the shared folders from the C:. I have tried the registry, tweakui, and others. XP will not allow the all users folders to be moved as far as I can see so far.
  5. Syedur

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    Where would you find the option to change program files folders than...?

    Also need the tips for "User Name and Company name change".
  6. T-Bear

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    In the registry ther in HKEY-users there is a default sectio, when you go to windows current version and shell folders, I was able to change the drive locations to another drive before I made any user profiles. Then when making a user profile, the system made the document folders and sub-folders on the assigned drive. It even made the folders for the hidden user folders. The problem I ran into is that the OS would only use the user profile made folders on the other drive. It would still make the others, like printhood, cache, and such on the drive with the OS, leaving me with 2 sets of folders.

    I did manage to get the documents, music, video, picture folders, along with the favorites and cache to move to the other assigned drive. I changed every loaction found in the registry and it still did this. I think there is something in the OS that overrides the settings for certain folders that I cant find ,,,,,yet.