my internet connection keeps dropping!!

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by original delboy, Dec 19, 2001.

  1. Hi there i am running win xp, i ahd a major problem as it wouldnt detectr the modem but knw i have managed to do that ok..took a very long time!

    I can connect ok to the internet and at the bottom right hand corner where the time is displayed it connects at 56.6 everytime which is kool...what then happens is that when i click on ie it takes ages to load the page, and then sometimes it comes up with page not displayed..i have checked the url all is ok..cleared the cookies history etc..then sometimes it pbrings the page up and when i clisk on something on that page say another link it takes ages..and then mt internet connection just drops.

    What can the cause of this be..this really gets on my use to happen in windows me as well ,y modem is a internal AMBIENT 56k.

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    Can you not borrow a friends external modem and see if you still have problems.
    because it sounds like a dodgy modem to me.
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    o.k. here is a few things to check and try,

    when you cant get web pages are you getting DNS resolution? (i.e. can you ping any sites and get there ip's. if you dont know how to do this then just go to start = run = cmd = (ping url of web site) one sentence) you should get a message saying packets sent.. packets recieved

    if you are getting ping responses then it would suggest that it is windows that is failing to load the web page, run a sfc and try again.

    Can you get stuff on other ports aswell? i.e. can you send and recieve mail, ftp etc?

    The connection rate that you see in the status bar is actually only the port speed, the fact that you are getting the speed that you said shows that the drivers for your modem are not the correct ones (they may work fine other than this) and are not reporting the true connection rate that you have.

    any probs just give me a nudge :D