My fantasy display scenario.....

Discussion in 'Graphics Cards' started by Mainframeguy, Dec 1, 2005.

  1. Mainframeguy

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    London, UK
    in my dreams I have a wad of cash and dispose of it recklessly investing in a 24" TFT to supplement my two existing 19" dual display.

    Obviously I would put it in the centre.

    Probably it would be DVI.

    Both my existing monitors take DVI and one of them also takes an optional VGA.

    Can anyone help advise what GFX side of things I would need to supply a triple heads up monitor situation with DVI input? Obviously if I have invested that much in my screen (these babies set you back a grand near as dammit i the UK) I will be basically building a new box with high(ish) end gfx to feed the beasts....

    Feel free to feed my fantasies! :lick: :s :rolleyes:
  2. LordOfLA

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    dual pci express nvidia cards in non-sli mode would be happy with that setup :)
  3. LordOfLA

    LordOfLA Godlike!

    Maidenhead, Berkshire, UK
    7800GTX's if you're looking to budget for highend gfx :)

    512meg editions if we're getting into the realms of fantasy :p
  4. madmatt

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    And you might as well buy the 7800's.
  5. thewhiterazr

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    you should get the new geforce, its good like that and will do what ou want
  6. hazmatt87

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    Some of those really huge Appe LCDs require 2 DVI connections for the amount of bandwidth necessary to feed the crapload of pixels. You definately need some serious power if you would want to play games at full resolution on one of those things.
  7. Sazar

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    The g70 or r520 both would be good options for dual-output solutions.

    Closest retail option for a triple head version == parhelia though I don't think its a tri-dvi setup.

    As is, there is not a big difference between the digital and analog signals, if any, in terms of IQ.
  8. Steevo

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    I like my X1800XT.

    2 would be nice, but crossfire is not for me.
  9. mlakrid

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    Who told you this?


    you should burn them with a hot iron for lying to you