My famly gets "NEW BUDDIES"

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    Hello everyone...

    As many of you know, my little buddy passed away from pancreatitis, my mom was so heart broken she decided to get another dog, and I told her she did not have to spend alot of money to get another one... they spent SEVERAL thousand US dollars trying to save the poor lil guy, he almost made it, but his little heart couldn't take it...

    HOWEVER!! I have GREAT NEWS!! She took my advice and ADOPTED!!!

    While these pics are not the greatest, I felt very happy to have helped two loving dogs find a new home...

    Their names are Alex... (Black and Tan) aand Deanna (Black and Chocolate) VERY Rare for miniature Pinschers...






    Personally I believe they are a minpin mix not pure breeds but they are still cute all the same!!

    If any of you decide you want a Minaiture Pinscher, and are in the US...

    Please check out the following website it is an adoption service for Minaiture Pinschers:


    Mike A!
    Land O Lakes, FL
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    Adorable!! There are too many unwanted and abused animals out there, I'm glad your mom adopted instead of purchasing a dog.
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    Sterling Heights, MICHIGAN
    good to hear Mike :)
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    Minnesota, USA
    Very cute dog. We had over 30 dogs at one time growing up, shih-tzus, english bulldogs, pugs because my parents raised dogs. No pets anymore though. My parents just got an adopted beagle.
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    Mini Pinschers, that's great! Good to hear Mike. I got a 12 month old Toy Poodle running around the apartment. My cat is not a happy camper. :p