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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by naheed, Jun 15, 2002.

  1. naheed

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    before when i first installed windows xp, the icons in the my computer section were all organized by documents, drive, scanners, etc. Now is just lists all the icons. How can i change it back to the original way? I tried system restore and it didnt work.
  2. xsivforce

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    Open it and select view->icons.
  3. naheed

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    the thing is it is not viewed by the proper groups. Like scanners and camers and control panel, drives, and documents

    you know how they are labeled and organized
  4. eraser

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    If you are talking about the control panel, there is an option to the top left side of the screen that allows you to switch to the classic view or the category view. If you are in the classic view, which it sounds from the wording in your post, just select the category view.

  5. Taurus

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    i'm pretty sure he means tiles. open my computer, go to view, and select Tiles.

    this organizes them into...
    "files stored on this computer" (documents, my documents)
    "hard disk drives" (c: d: e:, etc)
    "devices with removable storage" (a:, f:, g:, etc)
    .. and so on.
  6. naheed

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    the picture is what my computer looks like right now. I wanted it like it was before with the scanners and cammera headings, instead of unspeciafied title. How do i set it back again?