My comptuer is Overheating in a normal..

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by kdisc98, Nov 7, 2002.

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    I got a wired problem
    my computer is getting overheating when i doing normal process like download 3 files at speed 150.0kbps and when i listen to music in Winamp3 or if i doing a lot of process,And now it's not a memory problem,and not a mainboard problem,and i already switched the fan to a new one that doing 5000RPM ... so it's good enough ...

    I using asus probe 2..... to see the Temp and on normal mode,when i'am not doing anything with my computer it's on 32C-35C , but when i'am doing process it's getting to 42C-51C-60C+ and than all the computer hang,and i have to do reset and than everything is allright agian,until i'am doing a lot of process agian.

    Anyone is willing to help me please!!!!
    i dunno what to do agiant this problem, I already tried anything..
    please anyone got any idea's

    Computer Spec:

    P3-1.0GHZ 726SDRAM , ASUS CUV-4E 1005 - Rev 000.5 beta
    WindowsXp Pro + Sp1
    Hitachi Dvd
    Yhamaha Scsi Burnr (x8x4x24) + Adaptec Scsi controller
    35Giga western digital (7200Rpm)
    Asus Geforce 3 ti200
    SoundBlaster Live! Value
    Motrola Sufrboard (1.5Mbps Cable modem)

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    I would check to make sure that your fan is working properly... even if you switched it out.. leave the case open and watch the fan perform..

    also note down what kind of fan you are using and if it has multiple speed settings, which one you are using as well
  3. kdisc98

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    Thanks,but i already checked it!

    no,as i see this the fan is working fine,it's not the fan,but thanks on such a fasy answer!


    anyone else maybe


    *Can u see it's jumping to an High temp and getting down to normal ,but sometimes after a few times of getting up and down it's just hang my computer,and i got to do restart!
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    I would check that the heatsink is properly contactin the CPU. Now almost 1 year ago I was running Athlon1GHz with a piece of paper between the thermal past and CPU, normal operatin temps were 55-60C goin to 68-70C max load.

    Eventually I found this out and got a new Heatsink and som Arctic Silver III (I swear by this stuff)
    Now with the same CPU (didnt roast it) I get 35-39C normal and 43-45C max load.
  5. dadx2mj

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    Sure sounds like some kind of a heat sink/fan issue to me. Like said above make sure the heat sink is sitting flush on the core of the CPU. Also check to make sure the fan is blowing int the right direction, that the heat sink is not clogged with dust, and that you have a thin even layer of some good thermal compound between core and heat sink.
  6. kdisc98

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    how the heatsink is look a like and where is suppoed to be on? on my chip?
    and how i know if it's good or not?!
  7. jumpy

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    Yes, on your chip :p
    the heatsink is the thing that probably has these thin fins sticking out of it, probably with a fan mounted on top of it.
    Take your heatsink off using the clips on the side and refit it, making sure its sitting flush with the cpu. If your temps don't go down, you've definitely got a bad heatsink, although the stock intel HSF is pretty good, so i don't think thats your problem. For a p3, that is some really roasty temps, it shouldnt go over about 40 full load on a p3 with stock intel hsf.