My CDR ROM a time ago appears, since I installed NERO it doesnt do that

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by feeldo, Feb 20, 2002.

  1. feeldo

    feeldo Guest

    I have a LITE ON CDR 8x4x32x, when I installed windows XP it worked just fine (I upgraded from 98SE) but since I installed NERO burning ROM and rebooted it was gone for good!!

    How can I make it come back, and how can I make nero works (not nero but just the system to handle Nero and the CDR together)

    Any ideas ?????
  2. jamichel2000

    jamichel2000 Guest

    I installed Nero and it seems to disable both my CD-ROM and my burner. I had that problem for awhile but since I download the latest Promise driver for my HD I don't have the problem anymore.

    I have XP Pro and I'm still using Nero to burn my music. EZCD never worked for me but for now Nero seems to work fine. I also verified for the latest updates for my IDE drives and everything.

    Good luck.....
  3. feeldo

    feeldo Guest

    I have solved the problem!!

    Well it seems that my CDR is not ATA66, I enabled ATA66 with tweakXP before installing NERO, the real problem was not NERO it was the ATA66 (i dont know why!!!)
    I have disabled it again and the CDR is working just fine
    I will install NERO to see things working fine ( in theory I cant have problems anymore with that I hope)

    anyway I found the answer here, in this forum,.... thanks a lot guys!!