my cd-roms stop showing in my copmuter!!!

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by DAZZ, Apr 19, 2002.

  1. DAZZ

    DAZZ Guest

    i think this is in the right catigory

    well, one day, i decided to play a cd on my computer...then for some reason, my cd-rom drives weren't in my comptuer or anything

    the icons arnt there, and i dont know whats goin on
    they've never went away for no reason untill now

    i cant even access them by typing in the drive name

    i have 2 drives, one is a CD-ROM and another is a CD-RW...
    and i cant access either of them, can anybody help me!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. wyrlwyn

    wyrlwyn Guest

    they didn't post, or the ide channal died while in use. it happened to me beofre, they should come back after a restart. make sure they are listed in the drives while the bios posts, it should list your hard drives (in whatever order) and the cd drives. if it doesn't post, you might have a faulty motherboard(like me) turning the switch on the back off a few times, but oventually, they should post and show up in my computer.
  3. SunbeamHigh

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    CD Rom

    I had the exact same problem after i installed "Nero" and "Clone CD" .........I uninstalled both, then my CD Drives suddenly appeared......I found that if you install Clone CD first before Nero, the CD Drives always seemed to dissapear.......But if you Install Nero first , then Clone CD, it didn't seen to have that nasty effect.

    Hope this helps........
  4. DAZZ

    DAZZ Guest

    woo, wierd, i just installed nero before that

    to burn a cd

    and i guess its becaus ei didnt restart my copmuter...ima try to restart it now
  5. DAZZ

    DAZZ Guest

    well, i restarted, but the cd-roms still were there, then i uninstalle d NERO, and restarted, but still the drives arn't there...

    and when i restarted, they did say the drives...could it be some setting i did in windows xp by accident or somthing
  6. DAZZ

    DAZZ Guest


    no more help??
  7. SunbeamHigh

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    CD Rom

    Well hmmmmm thats strange....If you can, do a system restore to a point you had the CD drives showing...Then try installing Nero again........START....Help and Support....System Restore,

    Were you playing with any XP settings before this happened?
  8. DAZZ

    DAZZ Guest

    well, i cant do a system restore, because i havnt made one, and im not sure about playing with windows xp settings

    i tryed tweakui for windows xp
    and where it says the option to hide drives and stuff

    my cd-roms drive letters have question marks on it, now im really scared, could they of like broke or somthing????
  9. SunbeamHigh

    SunbeamHigh Guest

    Well........Depending on how long you have had XP up and running there should be a whole bunch of restore points made for you...( Unless you have it turned off for some reason ) But anyway.......Can you see your CD drive listed in your hardware?

    If you can still see them there it could just be NERO or something messed with a driver.....Try rolling back the drivers of one then rebooting..
  10. DAZZ

    DAZZ Guest

    i went to the device manager, and the drives icons have a yellow ! convering them

    i would roll 'em back, but it says if u "uptadted" ur driver

    but i didnt;)

    do u tihnk i should goto the web, and download the drivers, then install them?
  11. DAZZ

    DAZZ Guest

    ahh, whatever, im going to reinstall WINDOWSXP

  12. NewGuy

    NewGuy Guest

    Can try removing them in safe mode, then letting windows re-detect them. You should look in device manager, it should tell you the error since it has a yellow exclamation point in it. You can double click the device, and it'll say what the problem is.
  13. toxicity

    toxicity Guest

    I had the same problem before. Just reassign the driver letters. Thats how i fixed mine
  14. maddiemo

    maddiemo Guest

    Same problem, not resolved!

    I have a similar issue. I installed Roxio's EZ CD Creator 5.0 Platinum and upgraded it to 5.1 along with the XP update. After that, I couldn't see my CD Rom drive. I tried uninstalling the CD and having Windows search for it, but still get a driver error message.

    I've since uninstalled, EZCD and rebooted but no CD Rom. You mentioned a system restore, how do I do that? I've only had this PC a couple weeks and finding out XP is a lot different than the other windows OS.
  15. FOSSY69

    FOSSY69 Guest

    Give this a try

    Hi,I had the same problem after uninstalling Clone CD and installing Easy CD Creator 5 Platinum.On the roxio site( in there knowledgebase is the solution,under "CD-ROM/DVD disappeared in Windows 2000/XP".
    1.Uninstall burning software
    2.Open regedit (always backup registry before any registry changes)
    4.Look for the string
    5.Highlight this key,by left clicking it
    6.In the right hand pane right click/delete any Upperfilter or Lowerfilter values
    7.Exit registry and reboot
    You should now have your CD/DVD drives back
    For more information on this issue see Microsoft knowledgebase Article ID: Q270008 at:
    This worked for me guys,hope it works for you too,remember to back up the registry before making any changes.
  16. maddiemo

    maddiemo Guest

    It worked, sort of

    It worked, I have my CD back.

    Actually my ultimate goal is to have EZ CD Creator up and running along with Direct CD. Still working on that one. I've got 5.0 Plat and have downloaded all the upgrades, but still get errors about exceptions not loading. I'll work with Roxio unless anyone else has run into it.

    Thanks for you help, great board!