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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by clitoxic, Jan 4, 2002.

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    When i try to burn an image (iso) under nero rom, it does the simulation, testing and finally writing..however after its done 'writing' i go to my cd directory and nothing is there at all!! IT copied shit!! and when i try to reuse the cd again it says please insert a BLANK cd....what gives...i tried goin to the aspi help sites but they seem to be down.....can anyone help me? I have an LG CD-RW
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    have you tried burning different ISO's? if it did a full burn it wrote something to the disk, what you might consider doing is going into my computer, right clicking on the cd drive, goto properties, then goto the drive the cd is in..hit porperties..then select volumes and then click populate and it will tell you if there are any sessions on the disk...if it says there is a session on there of however many megs, it means it's writing but something must be going wrong in the verifying..but if the info comes up as no sessions then nero is fubar and ya might want to reinstall

    sorry I couldn't help more