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    Whilst I was away in Belgium I came across one of these and it was priced in such a way that I thought €400 was worth a punt - so now I own one (second hand)...


    I now have it at home, plugged in to the network and powered up.

    I am new to WindowsCE and wondering how to get it joined up to my domain...

    Also it would seem the battery may be screwed because although ti shows it as holding charge when I unplug the mains all power is immediately lost! Hope anyone can give feedback and tips on how to make the device useable one more.... amd on what GPRS service provider to use...

    [EDIT] just checked bank statement - it cost me £280 in local currency, so I am reasonably happy with that now I know at launch it cost something like $1200 :) [/EDIT]
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    What version of CE does it run? It looks rather fun and with GPRS service... Nice new toy.
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    probably a nicad battery that needs to be replaced or refreshed and recalibrated

    there's usually an internal utility that will first fully drain, then charge, then calibrate the battery

    problem is, this utility usually destroys a battery that's already on the way out

    if after all is done the battery is still bad,which is most likely,and if the battery is not available anymore, I would use a dremel cutting tool and open the battery case

    you'll see standard sized batteries connected in a series for the poper voltage, then parrallel for more duration

    just pick up some rechargeables and solder them in place of the old ones, that will work fine but you'll have to calibrate the os to recognize what is a full charge

    also, to save some of that trouble, there are after market external batteries that will calibrate themselves to your probably want to look into those also

    I don't remember exactly which model, but my very first computer was one of these

    it fit in the palm of my hand, had infra red transfer, and the battery, brand new, which could not be charged you needed disposable, lasted right around 15 minutes

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    :eek: Is that the newer release to the Hp 320lx? I have the B/W lx, and I never could get it to network... The only way I even got it online was with a pc-card 56k modem.

    Your battery might not be charging properly. If I remember correctly, under battery properties, you should have a choice of the type of AA batteries that you installed. If you have NiCAD/NiMM you can select that in the menu, and check the box next to *enable recharging while unit is plugged in*

    When I reset mine, the battery defaults back to *Alkaline* which wouldn't charge very nicely - so it also disables the recharging function.

    Have fun with your new toy :p