my bad xp-erience with my laptop :-(

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by original delboy, Dec 21, 2001.

  1. I have been messed around from tiny i have a mediabook laptop which i very much like and has a big spec (1.1ghz,512mb,30hdd,16mb graphics card,14.1 tft dvd/cd re-writter combined drive etc)
    But i have had no joy after 1 problem leading to another! i have been sent my 4th laptop today which is still messed up they are a mickey mouse company.
    I paid £1300 for this and it was a good price for the machine but like i said i have had problems with tiny the company itself as they have sent me faulty non satifactory goods.

    I basically need to know where i can get a similair machine from for that price of £1300 i am in the uk.

    cheers guys
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    my uncle also bought a PC from tiny and has had nothing but problems, he has had the PC for 8 months and its been back three times ....

    The wait for it to be returned was weeks too, so i built him a machine....

    The tiny machine is stilll used but he has a backup for when the tiny machine breaks

  3. I am looking to get a laptop/notebook of the same spec as the above...can anyone advise me where i can have a look..?
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    Ebay is a good place to do research, even if it's just to see what machines will match your criteria.
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    Tough Its Now Yours = TINY

    joing the club, tiny are a bunch of amateurs who dont know there ass from there elbow... and thats whith a map! I know someone who used to work for a major computer supplier who used to try out other companys equiptment and they actually glue components into their p.c.'s!!!!! unbelievable, "upgrade available but must have own chisel" lol