my athlon this slow?

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by ryan3dfan, Jan 25, 2003.

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    my xp2000 is running at 1.67ghz, at least thats what it says under properties under my computer. after looking at people's signatures while browsing several forums in their pc descriptions many of them have lower athlon's running faster than mine. for example an xp1600 running at around 1.9 ghrz. im sure this is due to overclocking, and i really dont know how to do that. but i feel like i should be getting at least a little better performance out of my processor. i guess the athlon numbers confuse me, xp1700, 1800, 2100 etc as opposed to pentium 4's just having their actual speed. so anyways if any of you experts can clear some stuff up about all this i would really appreciate it. thanls.
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    your cpu is performing @ its rated specs...

    the 2000+ does indeed run @ 1.67ghz STOCK speeds...

    the other people running their rigs @ higher speeds are basically overclocking their machines...

    amd uses a performance rating mechanism by which their cpu's will perform @ or above the specs of a similar MHZ speed... therefore your 2000+ outperforms a similar 2000mhz system...

    amd basically bases its specs not on intel's clock speeds but its own speed rating... comparing it to their first gen athlons which ran @ the clocks that their model number said.. ie athlon 1400 = 1400mhz... and so on and so forth..

    if you are looking to overclock your cpu... just provide info as to your system specs... motherboard and what not as well as cooling :)
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    thanks for the info. well since i didnt build this system i dont know much about the cooling and the exact motherboard info, how do i find this info? i do know my pc has separate fans for the power supply, vid card, and cpu. i have a radeon 7000 64mb, 512 ddr mb ram.