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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Macbeth, Mar 16, 2002.

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    Another problem here with Musicmatch and XP I had a problem ripping MP'3 using Musicmatch which I had just upgraded to 7 and got lifetime upgrades. It would go through the process and say I had to use analogue mode, which I did, but the MP3's has no sound to them. This was even more annoying cause ANY other MP3 ripper ( Media Player, Fast CD Ripper etc ) would create the files fine. So I mailed Musicmatch and it turns out that the support is a joke they mailed me 4 times to say check the volume controls and the connection to the CD-ROM.
    So I reinstalled my complete system and everything was fine Musicmatch was behaving itself and ripping CD's using data not analogue, until yesterday when all of a sudden the original problem has occurred, and I have not even installed any new software on the machine!!

    Anyone any ideas as I have paid for Musicmatch so I want to use it.

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    Just keep in touch with Music Match with the problems you're having. Don't let them poo-poo you that it's a user fault... get the point across that there's a glitch and hopefully on the next revision they'll fix it.
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    XP vs Musicmatch

    Don't worry email has already been sent asking for an explanation for this little "feature".