MusicMatch Jukebox and XP

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by bmxjt, Feb 4, 2002.

  1. bmxjt

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    Anyone have a problem installing Musicmatch with XP? Ive tried 7.0 and 6.1, neither would install correctly. It seems to get almost done installing and then throws all these errors at me saying The FIle That Was Trying To Be Installed Couldn't Be Found. Then when I try and run it, it starts to opem but then has errors about missing .bmp files for skins.
  2. Laurens

    Laurens Guest

    Music Match is crap when using Windows XP, even if you will get it installed correctly you'll get alot of other bugs too.

    My advice:

    Try using something else, I'm using mediaplayer with the DVD & Mp3 pack and it actually works great for me. But on the otherhand I don't use it that much (only a few gig. mp3's and that's it).
  3. SirLasher

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    Ive had absolutely no problems with it. I can burn cd's at 16X and have used it daily.

    just what other bugs are you having? sure its the program or is it your sound card?
  4. bmxjt

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    not really sure what it is besides install problems. Its like it doesnt want to install the default player and skins or something. How is Windows Media Player for burning to CDRs? The one thing I hate about this is the fact that I paid like $30 or whatever it was to get the full version of musicmatch years ago and would like to continue using it.
  5. Laurens

    Laurens Guest

    Mediaplayer is quitte good with burning cd's, with the Mp3-plugin you can also record mp3's up to 256 kbit (maybe not as high as musicmatch but can you really tell the difference).

    The main reason that I can't use musicmatch is that everytime I select something from my library it keeps on adding the file to my playlist (for about 200 times), after this is just crashes. I even wrote the musicmatch helpdesk but they just send me an standard e-mail back that i'm an idiot and should try it this and that way:mad:
  6. bmxjt

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    well i willhave to try burning with Media PLayer. Musicmatch wasnt like a ultimate program. It has its downfalls. It was just handy here and there.
  7. bmxjt

    bmxjt Guest

    i did try and reinstall msuicmatch last night in safe mode. It still did the same thing and only pulled up half of the default player. I closed it and reopened it and was able to use the commands at the top. from there I chose to update the player and what do you know. It updated and is perfectly fine now. VERY WEIRD...
  8. Ves007

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    Nope no problems here. Have it on now.