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    I'm constantly hearing about all these people who are saving a fortune (and ripping off the music companies big time *hehehe*) by downloading music from the internet. And all I can say is fair play to ye! Ye must be better people then I am, cause for the life of me I have never seen any of these sites. Let alone actually downloaded from them. Do they exist or are they just a figment of some persons over active imagination?:confused:
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    Most people use p2p systems like Kazza, Limeware etc etc. peronaly I use (in the rare event I can rememeber/know the names of the music I like) IRC, been around alot longer than p2p and is IMO more secure and safe
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    Most people are not downloading music from web sites. They use Peer-to-Peer (P2P) file sharing programs to just transfer the music files from one persons computer to another persons computer. If you are interested in checking one of the programs out just go to, download the lite version and do some searches to see what is out there.

    Personally I dont think that the music companies are really losing that much business to file sharing, most of the people that are downloading mp3's would not be out buying CDs if the files were not available on the file sharing networks.
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    I use Audio Galaxy for music and have just started using Direct Connect as well.