Music Review - The Very Best of UB40

Discussion in 'Entertainment & Sports' started by Sazar, Oct 22, 2003.

  1. Sazar

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    5/5 ntfs stars... just an excellent buy for me :)

    I am a fan and this is a GOOD cd... has all their classics and worked in some oldies with some of their newer tracks... :)

    my retail music collection continues to grow... currently have 15 full albums (bout 27 cd's worth) on my hdd... bout 50 to go :)

    then I'll dl the albums my house m8 has...

    but back to the album... the flow may not be the greatest but the songs and the quality of them are great... for those who like psuedo-reggae/reggae... this is a good album... ub40 has produced some GOOD songs in the past... red, red wine comes to mind as one of their most popular offerings...

    price $16... for 18 songs... 18 GOOD songs... not the normal 2-3 good songs amongst 10... so its a worthy investment if you are into that kind of thing...

    while buying this cd I also bought a LOTR : ROTK poster for my room :) full size movie print... quite brilliant...
  2. muzikool

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    Wow, I remember watching them on MTV when I was young... those were the days.
  3. Leevoy

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    Most of ub40's songs are not theirs originally. They played once for free in an east london park a few years back i went with my sis keren, they looking old now but they still are great.
  4. Black-Syth

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    I own that one. Picked it up at Rolling Stone in downtown Chicago a few months ago. Great album. 4/5 NTFS stars here. :)