Multiple Monitors, separate desktops

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by huFFamOOse, Jul 20, 2002.

  1. huFFamOOse

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    atm I'm using Multiple monitors in xp and it's working fine.
    Problem is I would like more out of it, mainly I'd like to have separate desktops on each monitor. Currently it's only 1 desktop stretched out across the 2 monitors and programs can be dragged between them and fully maximised over them.
    I have seen many virtual desktop programs but I was wondering if anyone knows of a good one which helps keep the 2 monitors separate, but can toggle between them.
    The main thing I dont want it to do is be able to show up windows half on 1 window and half on another, each program should be on its own monitor.
    Suggestions? :confused:
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  3. huFFamOOse

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    Wow, pretty good program. Still programs get caugt in the middle, but this is the best out of all to prog's I've tried. It does a pretty good job of keeping stuff separate, like the desktops using profiles. I like the taskbar & button's it adds too. I think'll be using this until someone creates a way for totally separate desktops.

    Thnx :)
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    ultra mon works great been using it for a while , can set up diff wallpapers for each monitor, easy to send one app from one monitor to the other.
  5. Khayman

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    ultramon, works great been using it for years, since win98.
    you can set an option in either windows display properties or ultramon (can't remember which) to disallow programs from appearing int he middle

    If you want completely separate desktops then you want a virtual desktop manager. windows has its own, can't remember if it comes as default or with powertoys. but just rightlick on the task bar and goto toolbars and select virtual desktop (or something similar). Also if you have a Nvida card then most recent drivers for it have Nview which does a similar thing