MSN Skin strangeness

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Rick Stirling, Jun 19, 2003.

  1. So I decided to skin MSN messenger, and dropped a lvlback.gif file into the directory. It didnt work. I tried a few, no joy.

    I'm using WinXP Home, and when my girl logged in to her account, her MSN had a skin. Hmm.

    I created a new user account, used MSN, lo and behold the skin works. But it still will not work in my account.

    I have reinstalled messenger, but its still doing the same thing. Any ideas?
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    Well, I know there is an incompatibility between the XP profiles and MSN software, usually in the case where an OEM has installed the OS and created the main user profile. I can't guarantee this is the same problem but it's possible I guess. The problems I usually saw was the person was unable to sign into secure, .net passport type sites with an OEM created profile. MS has no fix for this. :rolleyes: My advice, unless someone here has another idea, would be to transfer all your settings and files over to the new profile and delete the old one.
  3. Nailed the problem. It was my Visual style, as soon as I switch to another it works fine.

    Can Vstyles be edited to stop them overwriting MSN?