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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by brocher, Oct 14, 2002.

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    I have msn 4.7 and xp and i am tring to connect with video and voice to someone with Win 98 and MSN 4.6. We are both using Zone alarm pro which works fine when typing to each other but if we try talking or video we get nothing. If we switch off ZAP the program works fine for voice but not video. Any ideas on how to get around this problem.
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    I believe you must be running the same version of MSNM for the video to work. *shrug*
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    Yes, the firewall is blocking certain dynamically assigned ports that are required for voice chat. Turning off the firewall temporarily should solve the problem. I don't think there can be any workaround since the ports are dynamically assigned ... so you can't keep any specific ports open.

    Also, you aren't able to use video chat since the other end is using Win98. Video chat in MSN works only in WinXP. You could try Netmeeting if you want to do voice and video conversations. (Start>Run>conf)
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    Anyone know how to enable file transfers with ZAP 3 and the linksys BEFSR41 router? What port does MSN use for transfer of files, managed to get IRC sorted for DCC but MSN isn't so easy :(
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    MSN uses these settings for file transfer.

    File Transfer
    File Transfer (FT) requires that the initiating station pass its address to the FT peer in the session exchange through the server. Because of this, the first issue listed under application sharing and whiteboard applies:
    • The address provided by the initiating station might be an internal address that is translated by a NAT device. This is an invalid address for the peer to use for the TCP connection.
    The TCP connection for file transfer, which could be initiated by the external party, presents an additional issue.
    • Both incoming and outgoing TCP connections use the range of ports from 6891 to 6900. This allows up to 10 simultaneous file transfers per sender. These ports must be open on any firewall between the peers. If you open only port 6891, users will only be able to do one file transfer at a time.

    This is an extract.
    This is the whole file