MSN Messenger Problems???

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by contender, Mar 30, 2002.

  1. contender

    contender Guest

    Guys my beef today is with Msn Messenger! I cannot Voice or Video Conference with anyone! I am running windowsXP Pro on an Athlon1133, with 256 megs of ram, Creative Riva TNT 16meg video card, Sound Blaster PCI512 and Logitech Quickcam Express. I can Video and Voice Conference with anyone on Yahoo Messenger. ICQ is no prob either although I can't speak as to whether Video would since I understand ICQ doesn't offer that yet. Plz help guys? If ya want more info, just reply.
  2. Kr0m

    Kr0m Moderator

    Turtle Island
    I have the same problems with MSNM. It's due to my ISP's setup.
  3. HognutZ

    HognutZ Guest

    Same here.

    I have the same problem.. If its due to my ISP, I think its pretty funny @#$..
    My ISP is MSN.
  4. Qumahlin

    Qumahlin Moderator

    Have you downloaded the MS messenger updates from windows update? there was a critical patch, then there was a patch for audio and video
  5. flack

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    Hey Bud

    Have you disabled Xp's firewall ?

  6. contender

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    I don't use the built-in XP firewall, but I do use a firewall - Sygate personal firewall. I have tried it with the firewall on and off and no difference. I have also done all the critical updates that there were on the Windows Update site.
  7. DMutha

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    You need to make sure that both you, and the person you are trying to talk to, are unfirewalled. Or at least, that the ports you are looking to use are free.
  8. contender

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    None of the people I connect to are firewalled! And like I said I have tried turning mine off during our connection period, but no such luck.
  9. flack

    flack Guest

    Hey bud

    Do you have a router...... I had probs with this when I set my router up........ but it works fine now that the firmware has been upgraded.

  10. contender

    contender Guest

    No man I do not have a router/hub. I just thought of something though, since XP came out I know there have been many security issues and patches or workarounds and most of them that I see I tend to apply to my system. Would certain holes in XP and their patches to fix them have anything to do with my Msn Messenger not working?
  11. jw50

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    You do realize that you can only use the video and audio functions of Window Messenger with other users that also have XP. If the person that you are wanting to see or hear doesn't have XP then you would need to use Netmeeting with them, or use another video chat program.
  12. contender

    contender Guest

    I am aware that it only works with XP which I think sucks in my opinion, but my problem still exists. My friends with XP I can't connect to. I am also having a problem with netmeeting sometimes. Yahoo messenger works fine with anyone I connect with. It seems to be the M$ products that I have problems with.
  13. flack

    flack Guest

    Hey Bud

    What firewall app are you running..... zone alarm needing tweaking on my system to get msn to work proper.

  14. contender

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    I use Sygate Personal Firewall, but I have tried it both with the Firewall off and on and there's no difference. Sometimes though it will say "connecting" at the bottom left hand corner for quite some time and then just cancel. Like Isaid Yahoo works fine with the firewall on and so does many other programs.
  15. evilhomer

    evilhomer Guest

    same problem

    netmeeting works, windows messenger doesn't. tiny personal firewall, but even before i had it installed messenger still didn't work. linksys BEFxxx (same one everyone else has, 4 port cable/dsl router plus switch). latest firmware. all the 4.6 messenger updates, messenger plus

    conclusion: messenger is stupid.