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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by psx2000, Jun 24, 2002.

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    Ok i disabled auto start MSN MESSANGER when using outlook express . But it still opens when i start outlook express is there anything i can do to stop this or am i doing something wrong?
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    If you don't use messenger go to program files & change the name of the messenger folder to MessengerOff. That will stop it popping up. :D
  3. wbeach

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    By turning off that option it just doesn't connect, but it'll load.

    If you don't use Messenger don't just rename the folder.

    By doing this you prevent the program from ever being loaded unless you rename the folder back to it's original name. Which is bothersome.

    Just uninstall it.

    how you ask?

    Do this.

    "RunDll32 advpack.dll,LaunchINFSection %windir%\INF\msmsgs.inf,BLC.Remove"

    Without brackets put this in the run command and click ok.

    Or Use this Method

    Uninstall Additional Windows Components
    To add additional components to the Add/Remove Programs list (Windows Components):

    1. Start Windows Explorer, and navigate to the inf folder in your Windows folder. Windows Explorer must be set to Show hidden files and folders. You can adjust this from the Tools menu, Folder Options, View tab (and while you are there, un-check Hide extensions for known file types too).
    2. Now find the file Sysoc.inf, and Open it (double-click)
    3. You will find several lines that include the word hide: xxxx=xxxx.dll,xxxx,xxxx.inf,hide,7
    4. Remove the word hide, so that the line now reads: xxxx=xxxx.dll,xxxx,xxxx.inf,,7
    5. Save the file, and close it
    6. Select Add or Remove Programs in Control Panlel and click on Add/Remove Windows Components
    7. Several additional Windows components will now be listed, and you will be able to remove them

    Here's a list what some of the listings mean:

    * WBEM - Windows Management Instrumentation
    * com - COM+ (Provides support for developing and deploying distributed, component-based applications)
    * dtc - Distributed Transaction Coordinator (Coordinates distributed transactions between multiple clients, servers, and resource managers)
    * AutoUpdate - Windows Automatic Updates
    * msmsgs - Windows Messenger
    * CommApps - Communications
    * MultiM - Multimedia
    * AccessOpt - Accessibility Wizard
    * Pinball - Yep, the game
    * MSWordPad - WordPad

    I would be careful about uninstalling certain parts (WEBM, com, dtc, and maybe even CommApps and MultiM), as it might break some functions in Windows!

    Also note that some items will be listed as a sub-item from other items. For example, Pinball will be a sub item of Games, which in itself is a sub item from Accessories and Utilities.

    Uninstall Additional Windows Components
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    OR, you could just simply disable the contact list from showing in OE in OE layout options.
  5. Howling Wolf

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    Use gpedit.msc in run command.
    Under 'PC config' and 'Admin templates', there are two options regarding Messenger that should be of interest for you ! Look also in 'User config', 'Admin templates' for the two same options !

    Hope this helps you better !
    But beware ! This might cause Outlook Express to load a lot slower also...
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    if it does open outlook goto tools >> options >> other >> untick enable instant messaging

    sorted innit :)
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    OK, I have tried this approach and it is driving me NUTS!!! I've deleted 'HIDE' wherever it appears and only a couple of things showed up Add/Remove Windows Components, MESSENGER not being one of them!!! Why is this not working? Here is my sysoc.inf file:

    Signature = "$Windows NT$"

    IndexSrv_System = setupqry.dll,IndexSrv,setupqry.inf,,7
    TerminalServer=TsOc.dll, HydraOc, TsOc.inf,,2



    I've disabled Messenger using the gpedit command and renaming Program Files\Messenger to Program Files\MessengerOff, but I'd like to TOTALLY remove Messenger from my system. Please help me!!!

    Thanks in advance, guys.

  8. KC Ranger

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    BTW, I did a clean install yesterday and have updated my system. I'm using XP Pro.

  9. wbeach

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    My bad

    Hmmm, ever get second hand knowledge and pass it on with out testing it? yeah that explains this situation real well.

    I took that information from a tech website so you know I assumed it worked.

    I just tested it out myself and no where is messenger added to the list of removable components. Instead what I get is this computer with no description and it's already unchecked and it can't be checked.

    My only thoughts is that someone looked at it and assumed msmsgs stood for Microsoft Messenger and never bothered to test it. (Like me)

    So I wouldn't persue this method anymore. I did post two methods though. The one is in brackets asking you to place that in your run command, but again that method is not tested and I don't want to test it.

    I actually like Msn messenger. :)

    Sorry for wasting your time. Next time when I offer any technical advice I'll test my methods out before hand.

  10. KC Ranger

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    I had seen this method in more than one place from whom appeared to be reputable so I ASS-umed that it was going to work. Perhaps I should contact those who put this out there and get their take.

    Anyhow, the renaming of the folder to MessengerOFF has worked out somewhat to my satisfaction. Before I did this Outlook Express was taking forever to load. Thanks for your reply.