Msn and mirc ??

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Xes, Jan 2, 2003.

  1. Xes

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    I was wondering that it is possible to lett see the contact of msn on the desktop with active desktop!

    And also i was wondering if it was possible to place mirc on the desktop!

    Greetz Xes
  2. Grandmaster

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    I think MdSalih made something like that a while ago..hopefully he will see this and tell you..
  3. Jewelzz

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    On MdSalih's active desktop he has his own little tutorial, in there he states:
    IRC Chat: is something I spotted over on the Coolmon site. It's a minor extension to Coolmon - works with mIRC. I have managed to get it working, but not as sweetly as I wanted, hence the "coming soon" thing...blah blah

    Check it out Here under Active.MdSalih Information (center of his dtop)
  4. jonex

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    the way i do it is:
    i go to an online status site and get online status symbols fir my buddys and create an html with the buddy list yada yada yada.. quite simple.. don't know how others do it.. just let it reload every 30 sec or sth