MSN 4.6 Problem

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Wizzard81, Jul 18, 2002.

  1. Wizzard81

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    I just installed MSN 4.6 in XP the problem i have is i cannot automatic login everytime i check this and login i get an error "Login to msn doesn't works or is is tempory unavaible.
    If i don't do it with automatic login it works. Anyone here has the same problem in MSN?

  2. dayneh88

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    download the version 5 of msn and download the patch so that you can login, that should fix it and plus its a newer version

    MSN 5 Login Patch V2

    to download msn 5 you need to download and install klip 1.1

    Klip 1.1 Download Link

    and then download the klip tab. then you can download it.
  3. Wizzard81

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    installed Messenger 5.0 with patch but still that same problem server tempory unavailble. On my other pc on windows 2000 don't have this problem its very strange.
  4. Jewelzz

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    MSN 5.0 is still in beta.