msinfo 32 and RAM?

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by WesGN, Jan 21, 2002.

  1. WesGN

    WesGN Guest

    I just bought a new computer here are the specs first:
    ECS Mainboard KT266a(ver: 2.0 VIA chipset AMD XP ready)
    2 sticks of 256 mbs of DDR PC2100. (Micron and Samsung)
    Maxtor 60gb 7200 RPM 8.7 seek time
    G-Force 2 Pro 64mb (not overclocked)
    AMD Athlon XP +1700 (not overclocked)
    Sound Blaster Live Platnium

    Okay, as I boot up my RAM reads out as 512 with some other numbers (as normal). When I enter Windows XP Pro I run MSINFO32 and it says that my Total Physical Memory is only 384.0. Now here is what gets me. When I go into my Device Manager it says I have 512 MB of Ram installed.
    Is this a bug in MSINFO32? Or am I doing something wrong here?
    Please help if yah can. Thanks for your time.

    PUDBUDZ Guest

    ....Is that the amount of free ram?
  3. WesGN

    WesGN Guest

    Doesn't say whether it is free or not but I could be wrong.
    It says: Total Physical Memory: 384.00 MB
    Underneath it says this: Available Physical Memory: 389.63 MB

    I just dont think thats reading right because I have 512 mb of DDR pc2100 mb. =(

    SC|SSORSS Guest

    start-run and type systeminfo

    Still at 384 ¿