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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by luish, Mar 31, 2003.

  1. luish

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    I read somewhere that MS were going to upgrade the Windows Update Engine to V5 ? ?

    Did you hear anything about that ?
  2. muzikool

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    Not sure about the version number specifically, but are you referring to changes made that affects users with illegal copies of XP? I did hear that MS was going to make some changes to Windows Update that would help prevent piracy of the OS, or at least keep illegal copies from downloading the update. I know that you can't download post-SP1 updates without first installing the Service Pack, but I don't know much more than that.
  3. ntguru50

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    Tried installing SP1 on an invalid copy of XP Pro last night actually, you can't even if you have the full 128MB file. But you can get all updates except SP1, juts set the Registration Done registry key either manually by entering a 1 in:

    HKEYLocal_Machine \ Software \ Microsoft \ WindowsNT \ CurrentVersion \ RegDone

    or use Xteq's X-Setup
    I attached a couple screens if you have it and wondered where the path was. If you know any way to install SP1 over it hook a brutha up. If you've ever wondered if Microsoft ever REALLY checks product keys, a couple of my buddies have been sent letters telling them to stop using the invalid products, or else face possible fines. (I work for a government agency, so we get hooked up through volume licensing).
    Go to the Windows Update site and click on the About Windows Update link. Read further down about their Privacy Statement. First 2 info needed I can understand, but the other 3???
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    I haven't heard of any workarounds such as this before, but it sounds like you're walking on a narrow line between what you can and cannot post here. Be careful! :eek:
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    good looking bad, I'm just a rook with jabbering fingers, what can I say? I'll keep that in mind next time :eek:
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    No big deal! ;)
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    There ya go dealer... make sure you warn all those who violated the guidelines.. I am off to work.
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    Has this been taken care of, the members emailed of PMd? Let me know so I can delete this.