MS security updates and Windows Update

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by freightgod, Feb 12, 2002.

  1. freightgod

    freightgod Confused and Bewildered

    Thanks to the News section of this site I learned MS had put out a new security update for IE on Feb. 11.

    Just for kicks I ran Windows Update thinking that I could download the update from there, however much to my surprise I was told that I was all up to date (as I should be, I've been running it every day for a while now).

    Which makes me wonder why MS would put out an important security update that I never would have known about if I hadn't visite this site on a whim? Is this a policy of theirs? Weird.

    BTW this is my first post; I've enjoyed this site immensely, it's been a big help to me and my now week-long XP installation experience!
  2. zman

    zman Guest

    Hmmm it should be listed in critical upadtes, maybe they havent listed it yet...

    They do some strange things for a big company like they are ....

    Thats were come in handy :)
  3. Lactic.Acid

    Lactic.Acid Guest

    I've not yet searched for info on this fix, but often a new patch isn't added to Windows Update until a week or more after it's posted in the MSDN pages.
  4. existenz

    existenz Guest

    I don't have the cumulative Feb. 11 patch on my windows update neither =/

    Just manually download or wait, as they said above, a week or so...
  5. Banger

    Banger Guest

    Try BigFix

    BigFix is a similar prog to windows update but they tell me that they dont miss any fixes like WU does. the 11th Feb Security popped up at me from the taskbar today and the "fixlet" inlcuded a link to download the patch from the Microsft site.