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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Capricorn, Apr 30, 2002.

  1. Capricorn

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    Has Microsoft withdrawn it's Reg Cleaner Utility?
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    I use JV16 Power Tools, Quite a few useful features in there including a Reg Cleaner compatible with XP.

    Be warned though Reg Cleaners are like Chain Saws, They can be very useful if u know how to use them properly but if u don't u could chop ya leg off !!

    Becarful with what u delete and always back up, JV16 has it's own Back Up feature in it, so the files/enties you delete go to JV16's own kinda recycle bin first. Then when your happy it's safe to delete u just empty the Back up.

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    Thanks Guys.
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    I'm there....

    Does anyone have link for IE6 SP1? I have never had a problem with it then I reinstalled and it freezes all the time!
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    MSs Reg Cleaner IS NOT compatable with XP.
    That's probably the reason they pulled it...

    After running Reg Cleaner certain features of XP stop working. Most notably is the camera and scanner wizard. If I remeber right everything autoplay forgot what to do each time. Restoring the Reg Cleaner backups fixed those problems.
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    IE6 SP1

    There was a pre-release but unfortunately the disk I had it on is corrupt..... oh well, thanks for your help anyway.

    Still not sure about the whole Ontrack vs Norton think - I have had yeahs and neys with both so I think it is time to drive image my HDD and give one a go!

    See / for a link to the pre-release SP1

    My pc is an unstable mess!!!! :p