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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by clitoxic, Dec 24, 2001.

  1. clitoxic

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    Everytime i click on send/receive to retrieve new email, a pop up dialogue always pops up for me to enter my password...whats even more annoying is that the login and password is already i always have to press OK everytime i want receive an individual email, how do i make it so that when i click on send/receive it retrieves my email without having to popup my
    f-uckin password and login window
  2. noah472

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    A few questions:

    Is it set to use any connection available or is it set to use a specific connection?

    What version of Outlook is it?

    Have you got save password ticked? and is it giving this option?

    I would delete the acc and remake it, make sure its set to use any available. Let me know if its still happening after that,
  3. max

    max Guest

    I also have a problem

    when i switch identitys the XP machine locks up sometimes , or the new window doesnt open

    anyone else had this ?

    also how do i set multiple Outlook accounts for different users ?