MS Outlook 2002 Constantly Resending Message

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by WildHare, Apr 8, 2005.

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    My father has MS Outlook 2002 and I am getting the same email from him over and over again (18 times in three days). He really did send it to me once (some funny 2mb wmv he wanted to pass along for laughs), but it just keeps coming.

    No one else is getting spammed by him. Trend Micro Internet Security tells him no viruses, its running, up to date, etc.

    I searched and found a post about double messages in Outlook Express, and that suggested turning off outgoing mail virus scan. He did that, no change. That same post suggested deleting outbox.dbx, but I think that's an OE file, not Outlook 2002 (cannot find it on his PC).

    Being the son, I of course am his only tech support he will use. :) I appreciate any suggestions!

  2. jonifen

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    I'd check nothing is in his Outbox and also delete the item from Sent Items folder. See if it resends.

    Check your mail settings to make sure you're not requesting your email client to leave a copy of the emails on the mail server.