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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Dick, Aug 27, 2002.

  1. Dick

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    What the hell is a "Microsoft Out of Box Experience"? After installing a new hard drive, I had to do a "System Recovery" of Win XP operating system using HP supplied CD's. And yes, these are ligitimate. They came with my PC that had Win XP pre-installed. I then installed updates from MS web site.

    Since doing so, I get a new popup that says some thing like "Register (I think) Windows". If I click on the button, my firewall asks if I want to allow this service called "Microsoft Out of Box Experience".

    Is this spyware or MS trying to push some more unwanted junk down my PC's throat?

    Your help will be appreciated.
  2. pothitos

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    Microsoft out of box xp-erience is the thing that comes up when you first install xp.
  3. Dick

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    And does what?????
  4. NetRyder

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    It has something to do with activation and licensing.
  5. Dick

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    Thanks for the reply NetRyder.

    I've been doing some research on the out of box thing. It is a part of some software which in intended to thwart unlicensed duplication. As I understand it, new installations (in my case Win XP) containing it have to be activated within 30 days or they quit working. It can apparently recognize a key that's stored in legally licensed installations.
  6. pothitos

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    isnt it the thing that asks you what users you want to have ?
  7. Dick

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    Unless you're talking about "Registering Windows", I think they're two different functions.

    I'm not certain since I haven't seen that but my popup asked if I wanted to Activate (mandatory) & to Register (optional). I didn't bother with Register since its mainly for auto update notification.
  8. pothitos

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    i dont have a f***ing clue anyway :)

    P.S: Please try to spell my name right :p


  9. stuy_b

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    I thought it was the demo, which comes up when you 1st log-on to xp??!
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    Quiksilvah, I apologize for spelling your name wrong.
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    ty and nice name change stuy_b :)

    sorry gonaads