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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by ZipTriX, Jan 25, 2003.

  1. ZipTriX

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    I'm approaching the end of one of my hard drives with 192 kbps MP3s. I want to convert them to a form that is smaller but still keep cd quality sound. Would 64 kbps WMA files do the trick?
  2. Un4gIvEn1

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    Cds are 128k... so NO
  3. mbunny

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    WMA's are not as dynamic as mp3's.

    They actually lose more information to have such small files.

    If you want to use less space but sound similar change to using Ogg Vorbis ( with Quality Setting 4.

    FYI: CD Quality for MP3's is actually 256kbps. 128kbps is merely a myth.

    ALWAYS use Variable bitrates people. It compensates for silence and when there are aurally complex music.
  4. leebobs

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    You could convert the files down to 128kbit but I agree the best option would be to convert the music files to VBR.
    Don't worry too much about loss of quality, especially if you have an CL Audigy which will compensate for low quality in Music files.
  5. SPeedY_B

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    I'm going to agree with mbunny, .ogg is the way to go.
    Personally i think WMA at 96k is fine, mp3PRO at 96k is fine. But would still recommend ogg over any of them.

    If you really want to save space, play the CD's instead of having them ripped :p
  6. ZipTriX

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    What's a good program to convert from mp3 to Ogg?

    I know, but I'm installing a hard drive in my car. :p
  7. Teddy

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    Go for MP3Pro...i used it to convert an album (60megs) just to see how much compression it can achieve. It went down to around 22 Megs...a third of the size and (to my ears) the same audio quality.

    Imagine how much space that would save you on a whole HD.
  8. NetRyder

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    Don't you lose sound quality if you convert from one lossy format to another?

    eg: mp3 --> ogg
  9. Krux

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    WMA's have a nasty metalic sound to them I can't stand I will never use them. if u want to save space try converting to MP# pro I do believe u can get the PRO plugin for winamp 3 if thats even what you use.
  10. sailgreg

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    I use WMA 64kbit for my MP3 player and with my headphones I cant tell a diffcerance in quality, but on my speaker system, they sound pretty bad so I use 192k MP3s and think they sound great :p

    So it is up to you, you may not notice a differance in quality, you may, so test a few files first ;)
  11. Sh|te

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