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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by scumbag, Jul 6, 2002.

  1. scumbag

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    does anyone know a free program to convert .mp3's to .wav? I have Roxio Platnium but I dont think it will convert them???
  2. Hipster Doofus

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    Cdex is easy to figure out.
  3. nomiophy

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    There is a winamp plugin, and I'm pretty sure its built in..
    Nullsoft Disk Writer plug-in v2.0c
    i use it all the time, just play the mp3 file in ur playlist and it'll output a wav to wherever u configure it for
  4. scumbag

    scumbag Guest

    ok cool I will give it a shot thnx alot :)
  5. scumbag

    scumbag Guest

    do I need winamp to use CDex?
  6. 82ross

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    BOth are seperate. You dont need winamp to use cdex.
    I use winamp to play and convert mp3s.
  7. scumbag

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    how do I add tracks from my music folder to convert useing cdex?
  8. I take it your a newbie.....:)
  9. scumbag

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    yep...you could say that
  10. Ok, well im sure you already have winamp.....who doesn't? Ok well make your play list of your songs that you want to make into .wav's click the upper left hand corner of winamp (sideways hourglass) and go to options---> Preferences. go to out put and select Nulsoft Disk Writer Plugin. check properties to see the output folder and then just hit the play button...thats it!
  11. scumbag

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    ummmmm...I dont have winamp :( I just use Windows Media Player that come with XP....so now what????
  12. contender

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    i use and would recommend a program called the MPEG suite. it does all the necessary conversions when dealing with wavs and mp3s. do a search for it on CNET Downloads. it works really well.
  13. scumbag

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    I just want to convert my mp3's to .wav's so I can burn them to cd and play em on my home stero because I do not have a mp3 player...and I do not like winamp..I know I think Im the only one that dont but....what can I say
  14. Iceman

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    If you have Roxio Platnium, it will convert the mp3's to wav.

    Just choose make a music CD > Soundstream > then select your source, real simple.

    Have fun

  15. scumbag

    scumbag Guest

  16. actually it is a perfect conversion. I don't even use soundstream anymore. Just use easy cd creator you can add them way easier and create mixed cds and multi-session cds with ezcd.
  17. Iceman

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    catch23 I never said anything about the quality of the software, but it's all he had to use.

  18. dreamliner77

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    Right, you don't need to use Soundstream in ezcd to make a music cd out of mp3's

    the quality isn't bad either.

    if you want really good quality, use Exact Audio Copy or see if you can get your hands on SoundForge (the Demo may allow you to do it)
  19. scumbag

    scumbag Guest

    I cant get it to convert.... I went to create cd/soundstream/chose my source for the music/selected my folder to save to etc...what am I doing wrong?