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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by kevinfrey, Oct 20, 2002.

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    How can I transfer all of my Netscape 7 settings from one computer to another?
    I have the newest version of Netscape7 set up on my Win98 computer just the way I want it. Bookmarks, remembered passwords, 2 email accounts and tabs. I want to transfer all of these preferences from this computer to my new XP computer. I have the Netscape7 Disc, but I have not put it on the new computer yet. This was an easy task with Netsape 4.x, but seems more complicated with 7.
  2. you cant, should just use IE. or opera. much better
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    if you don't know what you are talking about mafia then don't spout out.

    Start -> Netscape 7.0 -> Profile Manager
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    Mafia... you were half right...

    IE was the wrong part...

    Opera was the right part....

    IE is crap.... Opera does things correctly just a shame you gotta pay for the thing.
  5. well i mainly use IE cuz it's much better then netscape for sure, and ocasionaly opera.

    btw meant to say u better not do that something like that in post above, not that u simply cant, sliped my mind i guess. and yes it's a shame that u have to *pay* for opera ;)
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    Netscape 7

    Kevinfrey, check your pm. Post if not received.
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    Can you actually export passwords ?
    -I'm cool with exporting addresses and favourites, both in IE and Mozilla (which is my personal favourite), but thought passwords were impossible. (I figured as a matter of security...)