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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by ECO, Jun 29, 2002.

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    How can I move the Documents and Settings folder without any restrictions. I know where to change what in the registry for apps to point to the folder in a different location, but I can't figure out how to physically move the folders.

    Any help will be greatly appreciated.
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    This works for some folders. Right click on it & choose cut, then paste it where you want it to go. You'll be able to see if it works or not. I think all changes are automatic no fiddling around with settings.
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    Not every files will paste to another location because they are currently in use or are restricted from being moved. Aren't there any program out there that let you move the location of the Documents and Settings? Tweak-XP lets you choose different locations of certain folders, such as My Music and My Pictures, but it doesn't do the complete job I need.
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    ECO check out my post yesterday on this. I think the best and easiest way of doing this is on an unattended install. You can move ALL Documents and Settings (inc administrator/cookies/desktop etc to another hard drive/partition. I did it yesterday and it works fine. Going to test today if I can add files etc to the docs folders and reinstall to see if it wipes the files or not. This will mean you have to reinstall. Unfortunately it's the easiest and safest option. You would have to spend ages digging around your registry otherwise.

    I'll let u know how I get on l8.
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    OK I'm back!

    Just did another unattended install and it works to some extent. If you use the same unattended.txt file, it tries to create exactly the same folders. As there are already existing administrator folders (on a profiles partition) XP adds ".WINDOWS" or ".COMPUTERNAME" to the end of the folder to make them the new profiles.

    Basically I've ended up with the following profiles:
    All Users
    All Users.WINDOWS

    In my opinion, this is not a bad thing though: if u keep an up-to-date registry bak-up, it would be easy to merge while in safemode so XP points back to the original user profiles. You could then delete the newly created profiles (the ones with the .WINDOWS or .COMPUTERNAME), and hey presto you're up and running with a fresh install and ALL your files and proggies intact!

    Furthermore, I suppose if you went into safe mode and amended the names B4 u reinstall the new profile folders wouldn't be created by XP in the first instance.

    I haven't tried the regfile merge thing yet, as I had to reinstall the whole shebang the other night. This has what's got me into this unattended install mularky, and so far I can only say I'm made up with it!

    Comments/opinions welcome.