[Movie Review] X-Men Origins : Wolverine

Discussion in 'Entertainment & Sports' started by Sazar, May 2, 2009.

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    I watched the movie during lunch today, going in with relatively middle-of-the-road expectations.

    I know the franchise has been fractured and uneven ever since Bryan Singer was deposed as the director. Brett Ratner sucks and X-Men 3 was just atrocious.

    I expected slightly better things from Wolverine as Brett Ratner wasn't on board to crap all over the franchise more and overall, I left the movies with little emotion.

    The movie starts off cleverly and with some sort of adherence to the comics, but we soon see massive liberties taken. The sequences of images and cgi initially used in the movie are decent but there is no emotional attachment.

    In the first movie, you FELT the lonliness of Wolverine and Rogue because they fed off of each other. You FELT the detachment from regular humans. Not so in the new movie. You are basically sped-forward through a sequence of events and then when there is a fork in the road, you're left with a "oh, well that doesn't make sense" moment.

    Don't fret movie-goer's, there are several such moments throughout the movie.

    The other mutants are introduced with little fanfare and spend more screen time in the ads than they do in the actual movie. A huge disappointment, especially considering the acting chops of several of those. Again, see the first 2 movies and see the development of SEVERAL characters at the same time. Singer did it correctly.

    As the movie continues, it meanders from one meaningless point to another. The changes in heart and various battles all look like they cost a few dollars to put together but there is no heart in the movie unfortunately.

    The battles that abound are about the only interesting feature and even then they make no sense. There is one near the end involving Gambit that literally had me saying "WTF??? Is he blind? How dumb does the director and writer think we are?"

    Overall, I'll give the movie a 3/5. I expect the movie to do pretty good the first week but for a mediocre movie like this, I SERIOUSLY doubt that pirated downloads can be blamed if the repeat business is non-existent. The movie may have enough pop-corn moments to survive for a couple of weeks, but blockbuster material, it is not.

    However, X-Men 3 somehow made more money than the first 2, even though it was absolutely rubbish. Never underestimate the abysmally low standards of movie-goer's. Their stupidity and lack of deference to class products is why crap like Wolverine get made.

    Btw, Hugh Jackman was about the only decent part of the whole movie. As he was in Australia, and X-Men 3, and The Fountain, and other dumb flicks.
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    Felt rushed to me also. Could have been 30 minutes longer and made more sense.

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    I wasn't going to see this movie since saz's revues are usually right on but to me most movies are far too long for the material, the fact that you said this one is too short, combined with the miserable weather today means I'll probably take this one in
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    It's a 2 hour movie. When he said too short, I think he meant they introduced a lot of material and left too many loose ends or didn't develop the material enough. Both of those things are true.
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    I agree with pretty much all of your review Sazar. I did enjoy the film to some extent, but only because it was Wolverine running around slashing stuff.

    As for too long/short, I think the word that sums it up best is rushed. They put too much stuff in the film for the running length so they had to skim over parts that would have been really interesting if they were fully developed.

    Ultimately, if you like X-Men then it's worth a watch. Not the kind of film I'd ever bother watching again though.

    If you're a real X-Man fanatic, probably best steer away from the Deadpool scenes at the end :p