[Movie Review] Unleashed

Discussion in 'Entertainment & Sports' started by Sazar, May 14, 2005.

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    Watched it last night and its been a while since I have seen Jet Li have such realistic fight sequences.

    Impressive and obviously the fight choreographer borrowed a page from Ong Bak and Tony Jaa. Only thing is Jaa was a heck of a lot more impressive.

    The story is a little tepid and meanders with a lot of inconsistency from beginning to end. But there are a lot of good scenes. Hoskins and Li perform very well while Freeman, whom I had high hopes of, seems to just go through in a daze.

    The fight scenes are few and far between, though when they are there, they are pretty powerful and good. It is more story driven (as Beson films nowadays typically are)

    Relatively entertaining, not gonna win awards but then not many flicks like this do.

    3.5/5 OSNN rating.
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    Interesting, (and rather realistic) is how quickly some of the fight scenes went. From what my own Tai Chi teacher was saying, that's the way it should be. Not the long drawn out (and somewhat flowery) martial arts action people tend to see in the movies. If one's good and knows what they're doing, the fight should last all of 2 seconds or so... Some of the moves I've seen so far (and I haven't seen either the fast form, or family fighting form...which aren't supposed to be shown to people outside my teacher's lineage), look pretty nasty as it is, once one gets to applications. Though there is no unbeatable move, if many hit successfully, one wouldn't just get back up...

    Mind you, I'm not even looking at some of the stuff from Lui Ho Pa Fa (his other form he's currently practicing) or the family fast form and fighting form, which I haven't got up to yet (though one of the teachers was saying I would likely benefit from and I'm gathering they'd be willing to start to teach my some of the preliminary stuff to the fast form.
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    Wanted to see this while I was over in the states, but will have to wait until the UK release I guess :)